In Runaway Robot, you aid a mad scientist as he attempts to regain control of an army of little robots. Help these little robots find their way in the world. Test your smarts in this cute and cuddly robotic adventure! What could go wrong?

This was my submission for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam, a 48-hour game making competition. The theme for this year's jam was "Out of Control". This is a short game that can be beaten in under 10 minutes. It is worth playing to the end! Please feel free to leave criticism and suggestions for future improvements!

Web version playable at Newgrounds. (I couldn't figure out how to upload a web version through itch. It's OK. I found it now. I'm smart.)

Install instructions

  • Download your operating system's matching ZIP file
  • Place in a folder or on your desktop
  • Right click > Extract Here
  • Double click on the EXE file


Download 30 MB
Download 30 MB
Download 33 MB


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There is an updated version of the game available on The updated version includes a fast-forward option and some aesthetic fixes. Please do not use the updated version for rating during the jam!