Internal Medicine is our submission to the Extra Credits Jam 2020. The theme of the jam was "Take Care". Play as a young professional in the medical industry as she struggles with the taking care of her ailing patients, while attempting to maintain a modicum of sanity. 

This game is intended to be played using a gamepad, though one is not required.


WASD, Left Joystick - Walk

Space, A - Interact

How to Play:

Notifications will let you know which rooms are occupied by new patients. Diagnose patients by interacting with them and bring them medicine from the pharmacy. If your stress levels rise, you can either stand around or take a break in the break room. Monitors scattered around the hospital will tell you how many patients are in the waiting room. Take care of as many patients as possible within the time limit to advance.

Install instructions

  • Download your operating system's matching ZIP file
  • Place in a folder or on your desktop
  • Right click > Extract Here
  • Double click on the EXE file


Windows_64 76 MB
Windows_32 74 MB
Mac 77 MB
Linux 80 MB


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Very nice concept of not only taking care of patients but you also have to take care of yourself. Top marks for this game.

Thank you for the review!